I was born in 1964, in Kyiv, Ukraine. I live and work in Ukraine. Architect-artist by profession. He received his education at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (KDHI 1988). As a certified architect, I practice in Ukraine, cooperating with international architectural companies. I work in the format of my own architectural bureau.
As an artist, I practice traditional drawing techniques, the author's palette knife painting technique.

I am writing not about what I have done, but about how I work!..
The projects I work on are always thoughtful, forward-thinking and globally significant. These are the statuses of my architecture and landscape design. The state of expanding the capabilities of the site and optimally calibrated key indicators are the final goals of my concepts. I love working with like-minded colleagues who contribute to the quality of the project. The main criteria for the work process are: comfort and transparent relationships with colleagues and clients. As an architect, I design for people, and that means tolerance, understanding, thoughtful creativity for success.
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